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“Crew! Let's all go boarding!" The treasure? Look for it with coffee!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Among the many uses of coffee, a little trick to create a real treasure map for the adventures of the little ones.

I admit it, in addition to being a coffee lover, I am an incurable dreamer. I remember that as a child I imagined living the adventures of the protagonists of the films or cartoons I watched on TV (not that I actually stopped doing it ..!) and I played traveling with my imagination.

I bet that you too, when you went to elementary school, pretended to be an astronaut, Indiana Jones, one of the Ghostbusters, Goku, Sailor Moon or maybe a Disney princess… you wore some particular gadget if you had it and you fell into the part like a great actor from Hollywood.

Speaking of particular gadgets, I remember that I had recently seen the film "The Goonies" and I wanted to make One-Eyed Willy's treasure map like the one found by the protagonists. By chance in the same period I happened to see a children's program on television in which they explained how to make a treasure map at home using coffee!

In practice it is a trick that allows you to obtain the aging effect of a sheet, to "antique" it.

You can use it to create a map, but also birthday invitations or use it as a basis for a drawing... in short, fantasy is not exclusive to children, use your imagination!

To make our treasure map we need a few things: a sheet of white cardboard (because it is more resistant than simple paper), a candle or black ink, a paintbrush and finally, of course, some coffee.

The steps are very simple, but in any case I advise you to pay attention to some phases in particular to be able to obtain a good result.


Start by rolling up the sheet of cardboard, then open it back up and spread it out evenly. This will create small folds that will be useful for our purposes.

Next, dip the brush into the coffee and generously brush it all over the sheet.

After covering the entire sheet, allow it to dry while taking care not to leave any fingerprints that could spoil the final result. To speed up the drying process, you could use a hairdryer on the lowest setting, being careful not to damage the work you've already done.

If you want to add an extra touch of aging, there are two solutions: using the flame of a candle or ink.

  • With the candle lit, bring the edges of the cardboard sheet close to the flame and carefully burn the entire outline. Be sure to do this lightly, as excessive burning could damage the sheet.


  • Before smearing ink on all the edges of the cardboard, cut them unevenly to give the appearance of wear and tear.


Once you have the foundation for creating a map, the only limit is your imagination. You can draw anything you desire, from a treasure map to a mysterious landscape. You could even use the map to entertain your children or grandchildren with a fun treasure hunt! As a child, I would have been thrilled by such an adventure.

This technique can also be a great way to create invitations for a themed party. You could insert the cards into glass bottles, giving the impression that they are messages from a shipwreck. This would work particularly well if you choose a pirate theme for your party. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

How would you use it? Leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletter for more curiosities and information on the world of coffee!

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