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How to Make Spanish Café con Leche: A Creamy and Delicious Coffee Recipe

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Discover the Authentic Method and Enjoy the Unique Flavor of Milk and Coffee Together

Hi everyone, coffee lovers! Today we're taking a trip to Spain to discover how to prepare the famous Cafè con leche, a drink that may seem similar to a cappuccino but has a slightly different preparation method.

This drink is based on only two ingredients: espresso and milk. The choice of ideal milk is crucial because it will determine the creaminess and density of the foam. Personally, I recommend using whole milk because it has a higher content of fats and proteins.

Let's get started with the preparation:

  • The first step is to make an espresso and pour it into a large cup. I suggest making it slightly longer than usual.

  • In a second cup, pour milk until it fills about 2/3 of the cup, then heat the milk until it boils and pour it into a milk jug.

  • Using the steam wand of the coffee machine (or an electric or manual milk frother), froth the milk until creating the foam. Hold the milk jug by the handle and perform slow vertical movements so that the milk can incorporate air and create the foam. The bubbles will become smaller as you continue to froth the milk.

  • At this point, once you have heated and frothed the milk, pour it into the cup together with the espresso and mix the two liquids well. If desired, you can add condensed milk or sugar to sweeten the drink, but the choice is completely up to your personal taste.

There you have it, your Cafè con leche is ready to be enjoyed! A simple but tasty drink that you will definitely appreciate if you are a coffee lover and want to try an alternative to the usual espresso.

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