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Coffee, the elixir of life... or almost!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

How much have you heard about coffee? What it brings, what it does, and what it hurts? Science has shown that the second most consumed drink in the world extends life! (Oh yes, the first in the standings is tea!)

In my career as a coffee consumer, I have often come across various legends about the relationship between the drink and health. Some of these myths have very ancient roots, dating back to times when science certainly didn't have the current tools, and numerous theories were taken as true without any proof.

Being consumed all over the world, coffee has always been the subject of studies, managing over time to disprove some of the falsehoods that have continued to be blindly believed.

Did you know that for years, for example, coffee was thought to make women sterile? Or that there was a direct link between cancer and coffee? Clearly, science has denied these hypotheses, but not only these.

The beneficial effects of the "devil's drink" (oh yeah..! There was a time when someone called it that.) are much more significant than we have always believed.

As you know, Italians are one of the longest-lived peoples in the world. Maybe a little help is also given by espresso because habitual coffee consumers live longer. An English study by the Agency for Research on Cancer and Imperial College London, conducted on about half a million European citizens, has shown that people who drink more coffee a day have an average longer life than those who don't. This difference is due to the beneficial effects that characterize the substance, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but also those related to the digestive system.

The study also showed that thanks to the high number of antioxidants, the "wine of Arabia" (yes, another name by which coffee was called in the past!) offers significant protection to the liver, and in general, the beneficial effects extend to our entire body.

It has always been evident that coffee has a certain weight on our digestive system. You know when you drink an espresso and shortly after you have to run to the bathroom? It's not the fault of caffeine, but coffee that affects the intestinal microbiota and the ability to contract the digestive muscles. So there is nothing strange, indeed small doses of coffee could help those suffering from intestinal immobility problems in a natural way.

Another English study, this time from Harvard University, has demonstrated other very important beneficial effects for men's health. Coffee consumption significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

The study was carried out on a sample of about 50,000 men over a period of 20 years, discovering that our drink reduces the risk of contracting the disease by 20% and even 60% of dying from it.

It certainly won't make us immortal, but thanks to modern science, many negative legends that branded coffee as a drink harmful to health have been denied, and numerous benefits have been discovered. You can enjoy your espresso (or long coffee, cappuccino, mochaccino, decaffeinated, or whatever you want!) without being afraid of catching fatal diseases or remaining sterile!

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