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Discover the Benefits of Barley Coffee - The Perfect Substitute for Coffee

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Learn about the many health benefits and how to prepare this caffeine-free beverage, a tasty alternative to traditional coffee.

Here we are again to explore the "Italian coffee"! Today we see a substitute for coffee that is consumed by many both in bars and at home: barley coffee.

An Italian invention which, like many others, is spread all over the world.

It’s a drink that is obtained from the roasting, grinding and infusion in water of the millenary cereal that is barley.

Barley is caffeine free and is therefore an excellent substitute for coffee, especially before going to sleep if you want to avoid staying awake all night!

Without caffeine, with many beneficial properties, after all, if man has always used this cereal there will be reasons!

I'll list a few:

  • It's a powerful anti-inflammatory

  • Decreases abdominal swelling

  • It helps the digestion process by stimulating gastric juices

  • It helps to regulate intestinal transit

  • Contains phosphorus so it's good for bones and teeth (it doesn't stain your smile)

  • Helps lower blood sugar levels, great for diabetes sufferers

  • It has distensive effects both physically and mentally

  • It is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants

  • Strengthens nails and hair


Ground barley is used like coffee, so it can be made with mocha like a normal coffee. Or you can find pods and capsules for home espresso machines for sale.

Did you know all the benefits of barley? Now you know that there is a valid alternative to coffee!

If you are looking for a more healthy breakfast, or just something without caffeine, give a shot to barley!

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